NEON Splash Dash

Good morning and Happy Monday!!

The weekend sure does fly….

On Friday we headed over to Roadrunner to pick up our packets for the Neon Splash Run. I love Roadrunner and I was happy that packet pick up was there. It’s not too far from my house, plus I just like being in that store. It was kind of packed so we didn’t get to look around a lot but we did buy some Glide and gummies.

I loved the shirts. I changed into it after the race, I’m definitely wearing it again.

The next day I did the ALS Walk in Scottsdale. I love doing walks and I like that they have so many this time of year supporting so many causes.

At around 4pm we started getting ready for the Neon Run. Craig decided not to participate in our Neon socks or shorts. haha

They gave us Neon Splash tattoos in our baggies and I put one on my cheek, hand and arm. I asked Craig to put one on his hand and he did 🙂

The race started at 7pm. and we usually like being there a lot earlier but we didn’t end up getting there until 6:45ish. The traffic was insane and I heard there had been an accident which made the drive there crazy. We were stuff in traffic for about 40 minutes. Then once in the parking lot it was craziness again. I could tell there would be a lot of people running this race.

We didn’t end up crossing the start line until around 7:40ish because they were doing it in waves, which I think was smart because it was crowded enough.

Neon Splash UNITE!! haha

Then it was time to run. We ran/walked based on my sisters pace. She did AWESOME!! She could tell and we could tell that she is getting better for sure. I was so proud of her.

Before each splash you go through these colored lights, that way you prepare to get splashed and they had music so you can dance.

This is a picture of my clean unsplashed bib.

Another splash coming up…

Then after the splashing they had black lights so you could take some cool pictures.

The splash zones didn’t get too crowded, people would make a line. The first one was the weakest. haha. after that it was splashing everywhere. I even got a little in my eye.

I was skipping…

Then we could see the finish line and everyone running with flashing lights.

At this point we had gotten splashed with yellow, green and blue.

This was after getting splashed with pink.

My sister and Craig protected their faces more than me. I was like…SPLASH ME!!! SPLASH ME!!!

At the finish everyone was trying to take pictures by the black lights so it was hard to get some cool pictures. This race was way fun and I would totally run it again. It was a little pricey but they had a Groupon deal and other deals that I would recommend taking advantage of if you decide to do it next year.

I think this one is my favorite picture because we got under the black light good. Oh and my tutu was soaked which means I threw it away after the race 😦 It had a good life though. haha

We waited for my friend and her daughter to cross so we could take pictures too.

After the race they had an after party..they had music and a photographer to take pictures under the black light with a cool background. The line was HUGE though…we didn’t wait.

Here’s my bib after the race…

And my camera…it all came off though and it’s okay 🙂

Like I said this run was a blast and I want to run it again. Loved it!!



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