The time Craig broke his arm….

 Good morning and HAPPY Friday!!

It’s Halloween weekend…are you doing anything fun? Dressing up? We definitely are…we LOVE Halloween! I’ll have a post on Monday about our Halloween adventure 🙂

Now it’s time for me to tell you about…The time Craig broke his arm. Which was last Sunday morning. Here is a video of the whole thing in action. It’s pretty cool, you can see the shadow of his bike about to go over in slow mo. He has a Go Pro that he wears on his chest or attached to the bike when he goes mtn. biking so I’m glad it was caught on camera.

He totally went over the handle bar and flew like Superman…except he broke his arm.

He came home hiding his arm and told me that he had fallen off the bike then he showed me this…



It doesn’t look too bad in the pictures but it had a bump that was swollen then shortly after the whole arm got swollen. Three x-rays later and 3 Dr. visits later we found out he did break it. I don’t remember what part he broke but it was an impact break. He has to wear a sling for a few weeks and go back to the Dr’s in two weeks to see how it’s doing. He also got some bruises and scratches on his right shoulder and right leg. Boys…

here is a screen shot of the video and the bike about to go over.


Since he can’t do much we’ve been taking a lot of evening walks instead of runs. He has been joining me at the gym and while I do weights (and he shows me which one my plan calls for) and do my treadmill runs, he gets on the elliptical or bike. Craig just can’t take time off and rest completely. He always has to be moving. haha. So here is a picture from our walk on Tuesday. I love the beautiful Arizona colors.


On Wednesday after the gym we went and picked our pumpkin, decided to name him Stu. We’ll be giving him a face on Sunday.


And here are some pictures from our walk yesterday after the gym. The weather is perfect right now in Arizona. I wish it would stay like this and not get any colder.


We watched this lady rowing for a while. It was so peaceful.


It’s been a busy and fast week and it’s been nice to have those evening walks to just take it easy. Plus they are pretty romantic 😉

Oh and I registered for the Hot Chocolate 15k on 12/09/2012 🙂


Hope you have a great Friday and weekend!!




2 comments on “The time Craig broke his arm….

  1. Diana says:

    Get better soon Craig!!! Have a wonderful weekend pelokis!!! Sound fun to run the Hot chocolate 15K you are going to have so much fun!!

  2. Courtney says:

    get better soon craig! (i’m afraid to watch the video, it’ll probably confirm every fear i have about mtn biking!) 🙂

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