Halloween!!! I LOVE it!!!

Stu says hi. We tried to make him look scary but he isn’t as scary as I pictured him. haha. I roasted the pumpkin seeds and they are delicious 🙂

We celebrated Halloween on Saturday. We went out to Ghostball which is a block party in Scottsdale. We went last year and really liked it so decided to go again this year.

Craig and I went as cop and inmate. This costume is actually from 2008, we just didn’t feel like spending a ton of money and time on a costume this year. it was fun being a cop again.

My sister went as Little Red Riding Hood and 80’s fitness girl. It was fun getting the 80’s costume together. My sisters bf went as the big bad wolf.

They had 2 dj’s, one of them was I guess pretty famous, won some Grammy’s but I don’t remember his name. lol. It was very Rave type music.

We got around 2ish and hung out at our place for a bit. Another fun night in the books.

Tonight we are picking up my packet for my race on Sunday, making chicken burgers for dinner, putting in a scary movie and passing out candy 🙂

Have a SPOOKY Halloween!



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