Some treats for me too…..

Good morning!!

I did not want to get up this morning, when it’s cooler outside all I want to do is cuddle in my bed all day. Too bad we have to work to make a living 😉

And to buy ourselves stuff we need…more like want.


Yesterday after work I stopped at Joanne’s to buy more tulle for the tutu I’m wearing on Sunday for the half marathon. It so happened to be that Bed, Bath and Beyond is right next door so I decided to go get some treats for me too. I’ve been eyeing these two thing…. A kitchen scale and spoons made specifically for grapefruit. Yes, I could just use a regular spoon and I have been. But these are so much more convenient and these days I’m eating a lot of grapefruit. The kitchen scale will be very handy, I’m trying to really measure all my food. I use measuring cups a lot and I’m sure I’ll use this too. It’s not super huge either so it won’t take up too much counter space.

After my quick stop, I picked up Craig and we headed over to Runner’s Den to pick up my packet for Sunday. My friend Daniela is running it with me so she met me there. I needed to give her the tutu I made her.


It’s not a super huge race so there wasn’t an expo, you just go into the store and ask for you packet and you are done. Nice and simple. I like the shirt, it’s not weirdly shaped. haha.


We saw a lot of trick or treaters on our way home. It’s so cute to see them all dressed up. Here are my little cuties in their costumes…..

Sienna was little Snow White


And Jasmine was Lagoona Blue from Monster High. She was very excited to wear the wig. lol. I went with them to pick out her costume and I had no idea what that was but I guess it’s big in the kids world.

Anyway, Craig and I had dinner and watched a scary movie at home. We didn’t get many trick or treaters so we have a lot of candy left. I’ll have to take it to my moms so we don’t eat it 😉

Question: What was the cutest or scariest costume you saw?



4 comments on “Some treats for me too…..

  1. paula says:

    No don’t bring it to my moms..its too we have a lot here already 🙂

  2. Courtney says:

    i need grapefruit spoons too! such a pain in the booty!

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