Almost bailed on my PR race….

Good morning!! Fun & fast weekend for me. I had the chance to take today off from work but decided I couldn’t pass on double time and a half. Plus I have Friday off 🙂

My weekend was awesome other than I haven’t been feeling well. What I thought was just allergies ended up being a cold. Nothing crazy but still feel like poop.

Last week I ran 2 half marathons. I’ve never done that before. I’ve had them 2 weeks apart but never 2 in the same week. I didn’t take a rest day after my first half..just got back to the gym the next day and busted my butt. I ended up taking Friday off though before my next half. My first half was on Sunday 11/04 and my 2nd was Saturday 11/10. I wasn’t sure if not taking much rest time was a good idea but I felt good so I went with it. My first race of the week was for fun, never had a time in mind. I’ll be writing a separate post on that one later. My 2nd race has been a PLANNED PR race for about a year now I think. I knew I would be running it alone and that I wanted to push myself. So last week I kept pumping myself up..playing the mental game. Starting Wednesday though I woke up feeling not so awesome. I thought it was just allergies. But as the week progressed I just felt worse and worse. Anyway here is the outfit I had planned…


I wanted cute but comfy.

The morning of the race I woke up feeling like complete SH**. I again played the mental game telling myself. Just get ready and see how you feel, just eat your pre-race meal before you go, just listen to some music to pump you up. It actually worked. I think I said at least 10 times that I wasn’t going then I would say..yeah I am. Craig was on my side no matter what I chose. Finally I was ready to go to the start, still not sure if I was going to run it or not. But Craig agreed we should go to the start to check it out. So we walked over…

Not wearing the outfit I had planned.

See the cold weather finally hit AZ this weekend. GREAT..UGH. This race morning did not start out perfect.

~ I was cold.

~ Felt like poop

~ Had to change my outfit and I don’t like running with long sleeves. haha

~ My headphones didn’t work so I had to borrow Craig’s. I couldn’t get them to fit under my arm sleeves so they just dangled the whole time.

~ Plus the worst thing of all…Craig had to go to work 😦 He had been scheduled off but they changed his schedule and this actually worked out better for us in the long run so I told him to keep it the way it was.

So we walked over..the race was 5 minutes away from our house. I didn’t have my bib on, Craig had it in his pocket just incase I decided to walk back. I didn’t want to walk back with my bib on. haha…I’m pathetic.

We could hear the announcer from our house so my little running heart got excited, then when I saw everyone I got more excited. Craig was encouraging me to do it, telling me I could rest after the race and that I would feel so much better if I did it…which is totally true.

Literally 5 minutes before the race started at 6:55am I said…Give me the bib…I’m going to run it. He got the biggest smile on his face. 🙂

I knew that I wanted to push myself and kick my butt. Even if I didn’t PR I wanted to know that I did what I could and didn’t slack because I wasn’t feeling well.

The race started right at 7am. Craig walked inside the stadium where the finish was to take some pictures.

Then he came back to see me around the 1st mile. I blew him a kiss as I ran by and got into my zone.

I would say that more than half the course was on a dirt path.

I had snot running down my face the entire race. GROSS. But I kept telling myself just keep running until you get to the 5k.



Then the 10k..


Then the 10 mile mark.


I felt GREAT other than the snot. I knew I was going to beat my time. My hamstrings were hurting a bit from dodging all the little rocks I think but I felt awesome. The turn around was at around the 6th mile. I know this path well, I’ve been running it for 5 years now. I knew I was close.

At around the 11th mile I lost a little steam but was able to maintain an average pace of 10:39. I knew I needed 10:40 to finish at 2:20 so I just kept that pace.


I crossed the finish at 2:21:11 GARMIN time. Still don’t know the official time yet. The course ended up being 13.25 miles so I think I could have finished at 2:20 if it had been the 13.1 but I’ll take it.

Old PR- 2:27:xx

NEW PR- 2:21:11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’m so glad I ran it, so glad Craig encouraged me like he always does.

During the race I had texted him to call me in 10 mins. because I knew I would be done by then and as soon as I got his call I started crying like a baby on the phone. He was so proud of me and I was so happy and proud of myself. I also called my sister because she knows how long I’ve been wanting this and cried with her. haha. I’m a crier (plus when I’m sick I’m a huge baby)

Next time I’m going to 2:15 😉



2 comments on “Almost bailed on my PR race….

  1. paula says:

    Aww good job beatsie! 🙂

  2. courtney says:

    yuck i’m so sorry you felt so bad! way to push through though, great time!!

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