HBBC Week 1

Hope you all had and are still having (whatever is left of it) a great weekend! We had and awesome, busy, interesting weekend to say the least. I’ll have a weekend recap tomorrow. For now here are this weeks HBBC workouts…


Monday– 1hr Zumba, 40mins weights & 20mins elliptical, 7 veggies/fruit= 10 points

Tuesday- rest day, 7 veggies/fruit= 1

Wednesday- 30 minute hike during lunch, ab circuit & 30 mins. weights, 7 veggies/fruit= 5 points

Thursday- 33 mins. Turkey Day 5k, 7 veggies/fruit= 4 points

Friday– rest day, 7 veggies/fruit= 1 point

Saturday- 1hr & 32mins. 8 mile run & 45 mins. kickball= 11 points

Sunday- 3 hrs & 36 mins. 8.6 mile hike= 14 points


Great start to the challenge 🙂

We just got back from our hike so I’m about to put my compression socks on and start cooking my food for the week. Have an awesome week everyone!



2 comments on “HBBC Week 1

  1. courtney says:

    you had a great week!!!! love that you all hike so much!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Great job racking up the points in Week 1 of HBBC!

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