Nerdy Pin Collector


I know this post should have been written like a week ago but this week has gone by crazy fast. So we are going back in time on this post 🙂

On Thanksgiving we ran a Turkey Day 5k with Craig’s niece. It was her 1st 5k and I think  we finished in 33 minutes which I thought was really good. We usually do something active every Thanksgiving morning and I love starting off the day that way.

Saturday morning Craig, Daniela and I ran 8 miles at our favorite park. It was our last long run before the Vegas RNR. I can’t wait!!!

After our run Craig and I checked out a new to us healthy restaurant that we have been wanting to try forever.

It did not disappoint. I had an egg white sandwich with chicken sausage and some tea. I plan on going back…maybe this Saturday before leaving to Vegas. 😉

On Sunday we headed to Tucson, AZ for a hike which is about 2 hours away. Oh and here is a nerdy picture of my hiking backpack with the pins I’ve collected on our trips where we go hiking/walking. I want to have my whole backpack full of them. Sadly, they didn’t have any for Havasupai or else that baby would be on there.

We went to Sabino Canyon and ended up doing 7 Falls Trail which was 8.62 miles. It was an awesome hike and we want to go back to do more trails.

Next time we will get there earlier so we can do a longer trail.

It was $5 for parking and we thought it was going to be super packed but we were able to find a spot fairly easy. They have a pretty big parking lot. There was a lot of people there since it was a holiday weekend but nothing too crazy.

The trail had a beautiful view of the Catalina Mountains.

The trail had some inclines, especially towards the end of the trail where you get to 7 falls. There were also some switch backs towards the end.

We stopped and had a little picnic halfway through the trail. We usually always take some snacks on our longer hikes.

Finally made it to 7 Falls or as the Vistor Center lady said…7 Trickles. haha.

We got done with our hike at about 2ish then headed to a late lunch. I was starving. I looked up a few healthier places when we were planning our little trip and decided on Renee’s Organic Oven…

I wish I had taken a picture of our pizza but like I said I was hungry and didn’t give myself the time. It was really good, especially since I haven’t had pizza in a while. Yummmm!

Oh and before I forget….I did get a pin of Sabino Canyon for my backpack 😉

Question: Do you collect anything nerdy?

We/I actually collect a lot of nerdy things. Craig collects stickers like crazy. I’ve caught him spreading them out on the bed and looking at all of them. Pretty funny. I collect mugs, ornaments, pins…a lot of things.



2 comments on “Nerdy Pin Collector

  1. Courtney says:

    i love that it’s still warm enough there for you to be in sleeveless! i’m trying to figure out what to pack for vegas!

    • betybliss says:

      I’m loving the weather right now. I’m not a huge fan of Winter so this is perfect.
      I’m packing a couple sweaters but I don’t think it will be really cold.

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