HBBC Week 2

Good morning!!

I have a Vegas post coming up. Spoiler alert…we didn’t complete the half. We ended up doing 10 miles. More details later….

HBBC Week 2 #’s

Monday– rest day, 7 fruits/veggies= 1 point

Tuesday– 34 mins. run/walk (2) 45 mins. weights (3) 20 mins. stretch (1) 7 fruits/veggies (1)= 7 points

Wednesday– 30 mins. weights (2) 20 HIIT (2) 10 mins. ab circuit, 7 fruits/veggies (1) FB post (1) =6 points

Thursday– 30 mins. weights (2) 10 mins. abs, 7 fruits/veggies (1)= 3 points

Friday– rest day, 7 fruits/veggies= 1

Saturday– walked 3 miles= 3 miles

Sunday– walked 3 miles (3) run/walked (10) FB post (1) fruits/veggies (1)= 15 points

Total points= 36 points

Hoping this workout week is better. Took a rest day on Monday and my next planned rest day is Friday. Other than that this weeks workouts are looking pretty good. I’m loving this challenge and the motivation all the girls give each other.

Have a great day! I’ll be back tomorrow with my Vegas RNR post.



One comment on “HBBC Week 2

  1. Suzanne says:

    It looks like you had a great week 2 with HBBC! Nice job!

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