Hot Chocolate & HBBC Week 3

Happy Monday!!

So before I recap the fun Hot Chocolate 5k/15k here are this weeks HBBC #’s…

Monday Planned Rest Day, freggies (1)= 1 point

Tuesday 30 day shred (2) 20 mins. yoga (1) Fb post (1) freggies (1)= 5 points

Wednesday 30 mins. weights (2) 30 mins. run/walk (2) freggies (1) FB post (1)= 6 points

Thursday 1hr Zumba (6) 30 mins. weights (2) 30 mins. elliptical (2) freggies FB post (1)=12 points

Friday Planned Rest Day

Saturday 2.68 mile steep hike (5) Fb post (1) freggies (1)= 7 points

Sunday Hot Chocolate 15k (9) FB post (1) freggies (1)= 11 points

Total Points= 43 points

Pretty good week. Still loving this challenge and already have another one in mind I’m doing after this one called Best Body Bootcamp.

Okay on to the Hot Chocolate 5k/15k. I have been looking forward to this race since I found out they were having one in Phoenix. I THINK it was the first year here but I may be wrong. I’ve read other posts about this race and it just seemed like so much fun. I was a little hesitant at first because registration for the 15k was $65 but with all the goodies you get it’s totally worth it. Plus I felt the race was well-organized and a lot of fun.

On Friday night we headed to the expo to pick up our packets.



I thought it was going to be crazy busy but it wasn’t bad at all. Maybe because we went a little late.


Since Craig and my sister Paula were doing the 5k their bibs were blue and mine was brown.


Instead of tech shirts we got jackets which you will see later in the post. They also had chocolate, hot chocolate and a bunch of free little stuff.

Jasmine LOVES hot chocolate and she went back for seconds 😉


They had a DJ and I think people were doing karaoke. It was like a little mini party. They had  a few booths including one for Ragnar and if you entered their raffle you got a free shirt. Yay!! I’ll be wearing that on my Ragnar training runs for sure 🙂


At the expo we bought tops for the race so we could match since we had already purchased socks. Since the 5k started at 7:30 am we got there around 7:10 am with all the traffic. The 15k started at 8 am.


We had time to go to use the porta potties and take some pre race pictures.



My sister said she was feeling a little naughty that morning. lol.



Here’s a picture of the jackets. It was so cold that morning, I think in the 40’s so my sister decided to keep hers on for the run (which I warned her not to) As soon as Craig and my sister took off I headed to the car to drop off my jacket and meet my friend Daniela.

Here’s a picture Craig took of my sister on their run.


get it girl!


The 15k ended up starting a little later that 8 am. I think we crossed the start at 8:15 am.




They blocked off a lot of streets and I think a few people driving got a little pissed off at us. haha.


Dani and I finished with a time of 1:44. We walked while we drank water. We didn’t have a time in mind for this run, just wanted to have fun and feel good. There were a couple narrow areas where it was hard to pass people and we felt good with our finish time.


We say my sister and Craig on the sidelines as we crossed the finish line. Then we headed to get our finishers mug which was awful!


Just kidding….I tore it up.



I’m glad we ran this race and I would totally run it again next year.

Have a good day everyone!



3 comments on “Hot Chocolate & HBBC Week 3

  1. This was an awesome race!! Nice job!

    So I have a confession…I actually got a DNF for this one – my ankle really started to bug me about 1.5 miles in so I decided not to push it for the remaining 8 miles (since my first marathon is a little over a month away). Lets just say I cried a little, but in retrospect I made the right decision.

    • betybliss says:

      You totally made the right decision. Staying injury free and your 1st marathon is way more important. I can’t wait to hear about your first marathon. Are you doing P.F.Changs?

  2. Suzanne says:

    It really sounds like you guys had a really great time with this race. I love hot chocolate so this sounds like a fun one to do. Love your socks by the way!

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