Vegas RNR Recap

I know, it’s like forever ago but I have to tell you what happened at this race. Starting with the expo….


We arrived in Vegas at around noon on Saturday and headed straight to lunch and the expo.


It was less crowded than last year which made it so much better. The aisles were much wider and so much more room to move around.


We had been looking forward to the expo all week, it’s one of our favorite things about running RNR’s. We got a lot of free goodies, wish I had taken a picture of all of it but I didn’t.


I also liked the shirts a lot more this year. Maybe because I got the right one this year. Last year I had ordered a males shirt which I’m okay with but the girl fit is so much better.



The Brooks Circus area is one of my favorites and we always sign up to win some freebies.


I won the mustache keychain and Craig won the shirt. I have a Brooks shirt I won last year and I wear it all the time around the house so I was happy he got me another one.


These were our running fortunes….

Were they right?…



Love the Journey on poster boards they have. They are so cool!

After the expo Craig and I checked in to our hotel and got ready for our big date. We went to NY NY to see Zumanity a Cirque Du Soleil show. It was prettty cool, our first Cirque Du Soleil. I want to see more, especially Mystere since I hear it’s the best one. After the show we went out for a late dinner and walked the strip back to our hotel.

The next morning we went to a late breakfast, it’s always hard to fuel up for a late run. I still haven’t figured out the right way especially with my GI issues but I think I did okay. At that point Craig started saying he wasn’t feeling well. I don’t want to go into too much detail but he was having really bad stomach issues. We stopped at Walgreens for some Pepto and Gatorade to see if it would hopefully help but he continued on feeling worse and worse. He mentioned possibly not trying to run it due to how he felt and I told him if he didn’t then I wasn’t either…it’s our tradition to run Vegas together. After awhile he said he would try his best even though he was not up to it at all.


Of course we color coordinated, Craig decided not to wear his tutu though 😉


I’m not a fan of capris and long socks together but I was cold and I’m not a fan of running when I’m cold so whatever helps me stay warmer…even if it’s a fashion don’t.


My cutie doing his best to stay motivated and hoping he doesn’t have to use the porta potty more than once on the run.


The full marathon started at 4:00 pm so when we were walking to the start we got to see them running which was cool.



There was a husband and wife walking infront of us and the husband turned to us and said…. “I can’t believe we’re walking on the strip and that you guys get to run on it” He was super excited which I really liked. Because if you think about it….how many people get the strip shut down for them?! Not a lot of people 🙂


Daniela met us at the start. We made a porta potty stop before getting into the corrals…we didn’t make it to ours so we were way in the back.  Daniela knew that Craig wasn’t feeling well and she also knew that she could take off at any point with no hard feelings.




As we waited in the corrals the wind was picking up more and more. I think I read that it was 40 mph.


Then we crossed the start and headed down the strip.







We crossed the 5k mark and started to walk while we got our water at the 1st station. That’s when Craig told me he wasn’t doing well at all and didn’t know how long he could make it. I turned to Daniela and told her to go ahead, she didn’t want to but I told her we might not complete the race and to have fun. So she went on her way….

At this point I could tell Craig was really sick. He was really pale ( I didn’t want to tell him) but I kept asking if he felt weak or anything. He was sweating more than usual and he said his stomach really hurt. I told him we needed to head back to the hotel and he said that he wanted to continue but at a slower pace. We tried running a few times but walked a lot. We crossed the 10k mark and a little after was the part where it goes into the darker area of the race. At that point I told Craig that this was our last chance to turn back with the people already coming back (we didn’t want to walk back on the part of the course where everyone was running towards us) so that’s when we started to head back. At that point the only thing on my mind was to get Craig back to the hotel asap. I tried to pick up the speed a few times but he wasn’t having it. lol. Anyway, we made it back to the finish at 9.6 miles done. Right after crossing the finish Craig grabbed my arm and said he needed to puke. I looked around for a trash can and we spotted it at the same time…he started to run towards it and didn’t make it. He vomitted all over. It was like a movie. Once we were by the trash can he continued to vomit, the medical peeps came over and gave him a Gatorade. They walked him over to the Medical Station, he sat there for a bit until he had a little more strength to walk to the hotel. Let’s just say that nigth was tough, we barely slept and Craig took multiple showers. We headed out a little later than usual on our drive home but he wanted to make sure everything was “out” before he was in the car for a few hours. I drove us home most of the way and he slept. I felt so bad for him but through it all he kept laughing and smiling. That’s what I love about him. We laughed at him vomitting and wondered if they had gotten a picture of it. lol. Sadly they didn’t. So this was our first and hopefully last DNF (did not finish) Craig was sick for a few days, we think it was a virus.

Vegas RNR was very well organized this year and so much better than last year. I’m glad they listened to everything everyone said last year to make this year what it was.

Question: Have you ever not showed up for a race or DNF?



7 comments on “Vegas RNR Recap

  1. Poor Craig, that sounds so miserable. He is such a trooper to still race when feeling so below the weather. Your outfit was too cute, love the tutu and socks. RNR was so much better this year.

  2. looove your outfit and that is one of the best expo’s! I loved running on the strip.

    Sorry things turned bad for craig! I have had a DNS but not a DNF yet

  3. courtney says:

    poor craig, i hope he’s feeling better! sounds like he has the right attitude about it at least 🙂

    cute outfit!

  4. Aww Poor Craig! I am so sorry to hear that he wasn’t feeling well!

  5. Leana says:

    Oh no! I’m so sorry Craig was sick!!!! That isn’t a good way to end a race. The expo looks like a lot of fun. I love the Brooks circus!

  6. Aww that is too bad that he got sick 😦
    I ran Vegas last year, and despite the chaos I enjoyed myself! I’m glad to hear it was more organized this year, might be one to revisit next year!

  7. Suzanne says:

    Aww poor Craig. How awful! Thank goodness he’s feeling better now and thank goodness you didn’t catch that virus.

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