Big Time Nerds

Good Morning and Happy Friday!!

This week flew by with all the activities we did. So in addition to working out and work, this is what else we did…

On Monday Craig and I FINALLY put our tree up. We usually do it the weekend after Thanksgiving but we haven’t had a chance until Monday. I love having the tree up, makes our place more homey.

We collect Christmas ornaments on all our trips. Every year we give each other an ornament too for Christmas and our friends and families buy us some too. So not only am I a Pin collector…we collect ornaments too. Another tradition of ours and probably everyone’s, is watching Christmas movies for the whole month of December. On Monday we watched Bad Santa.


This one we bought in July on our San Francisco trip. When we are taking out our ornaments and seeing all the different ones we have it’s cool to remember all the trips we’ve taken.


This one my sister brought back for us from Disney. Captain Jack Sparro…I mean Mickey Mouse.

On Tuesday we went to Zoo Lights with my whole family.


SRP has a special deal they send out every year, buy one get one free so it ends up being only like $11 for both of us and we love it.


It was a bit cold but my family bought Hot Chocolate to keep themselves warm.



It was a really nice night and glad the whole family was able to come with us this time.

Yesterday we went to pick up our 12k’s of Christmas packets at Roadrunner (LOVE that store)


I’m running the 12k race with my friend Daniela. My niece Jasmine will be running her 1st race!!! I’m so excited for her. Mother and daughter running a race together. I want to do that with my kids someday too 🙂 The race is on Saturday, it’s been raining here so I hope it stops by tomorrow morning because I want my niece to have a fun race.

After picking up our packets I came home, went to the gym then got home for our date night.


I found out our Science museum was having a Dinosaur Exhibit a month ago and I have been dying to go. If you’re new to my blog you probably don’t know but I am a HUGE Dino nerd. I even make us go to Dino Museum’s on vacation. haha

I LOVED the exhibit. I wish it had been a bit longer but it was still awesome.


with our entrance to the museum we could also watch Jurassic Park in the planetarium Theater but we decided to skip it since I have all the movies at home and it was getting late.


We checked out a few other things at the AZ Science Center….I didn’t know I went on a date with a Lego Man. haha.

Have a GREAT Friday and weekend!!



One comment on “Big Time Nerds

  1. Courtney says:

    i love your ornaments from all your trips!

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