HBBC Week 4 & Back on the trails

Good morning! I can’t believe it’s Monday again, back to the grind.

This weekend was awesome, even though it rained and it was super cold we got to play outside both days. So before I show you some phone pics from the weekend. Here are this weeks HBBC #’s….

Monday- Rest Day, freggies= 1 point

Tuesday- 20 mins. elliptical HIIT (2) 30mins. weights (2) 12mins. abs, FB (1) Freggies (1)= 6 points

Wednesday- Rest Day, freggies (1)= 1 point

Thursday- 20 mins. elliptical HHIT (2) 30 mins. weights (2) FB (1) freggies (1)= 6points

Friday- 33 mins treadmill run (3) 20mins. stretch (1) FB (1) freggies (1)= 6 points

Saturday- 7.44 mile run (12k’s of Christmas) 1:17 (7) 20mins. stretch (1) FB (1) freggies (1)= 10 points

Sunday- 4.6 mile mountain bike ride (4) 20 mins. stretch (1) Fb (1) freggie (1)= 7 points

Total Points= 37

I feel pretty good about last week. I thought I would have more points but with the other activities we did last week I’m happy with my workouts. I push myself every time I’m at the gym to get a good workout no matter how long I’m there. I’m planning on taking Monday and Friday off this week as rest days. Craig’s Birthday is on Friday so I know I won’t be working out. We have a whole weekend of Bday festivities planned for him but I’ll be getting my workouts in over the weekend early morning. 🙂

Okay so on to the weekend events…

On Saturday morning we headed to Freestone Park in Gilbert, Arizona for the 12k’s of Christmas race. They also had a 1.2k walk/run, 6k and the 12k run. This race benefits animal rescue shelters and there were so many dogs there dressed up in the cutest Christmas outfits.

Here is Rexington but you can call him Rex 🙂


He’s my sisters collie/husky. He looks smaller in the picture than real life. All the dogs seemed really excited to be out playing and meeting other dogs. They had some dogs for adoption at the race also. They had a dog costume contest and they also had dogs that did tricks. I really liked this event and would like to run it again next year.


The 1.2k started at 9:12 am and the 12k started at 10:12 am.


Jasmine and my sister ran the 1.2k. Look at my niece’s face…I love it!!!


Most of my family went and I really appreciated.


It was a really cold, rainy day and I was determined to run it ….rain or shine. It didn’t rain too hard during the race, it was mostly sprinkles but it was way cold. While I waited for mine to start it felt like it was getting colder so I told my family they didn’t have to wait for me to get done, they could leave if it really started pouring. Even if it poured I was running this race…

I ran this race in memory of our dog Chiquis who passed away this year. She was part of the family for 10 years and since a lot of people ran with their dogs…I decided to bring her along for the run too 🙂


Like I said it was sprinkling throughout the run, the race was on a canal path and half of it was dirt which was mud because of the rain. I got a little nervous running on the mud and was so happy when there were areas that were paved.


I finished with an average pace of 10:25 and I was really happy with that considering I was dodging mud puddles most of the race.


After the race we all went out to lunch and that’s when it started to pour. Glad I was done running 🙂

That evening Craig and I went shopping for the last of our gifts then had dinner at BJ’s. It rained the rest of the day and it made it extra cool to be running to our car trying not to get super wet. haha. When we got home we wrapped gifts and watched The Santa Claus.

The next morning we (I) were starving so we headed to Luci’s for breakfast. It was still really cloudy and foggy outside which made the morning have a nice peaceful feeling. We were eating breakfast by 6:45 am. haha.


I had eggs, toast and chicken chorizo. Craig had pancakes and my potato medley.

I also bought a few goodies at the market.



When we were driving home we noticed it was staring to clear up so we knew we would be doing something outside later on that day.

Craig broke his arm 8 weeks ago on a mountain biking accident and he hasn’t ridden his bike since then. Until yesterday….


It was nice to be back out on the trails again. It was cold and a little muddy in some areas but it was pretty awesome seeing Craig’s face so happy.

The rest of the day was spent cleaning, eating and watching football. Awesome Weekend!! 🙂



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