Pink Weekend

Merry Christmas Eve!! I love today and I’m so excited that this day is finally here.

First I want to start off by saying Happy Birthday to my dad! The big 51 🙂 Can’t wait to get to my peeps and start celebrating. We stay up until midnight and open our gifts and eat lots and lots of delicious food. The good life. haha.

So here’s a quick weekend recap. I’ll be posting last weeks HBBC #’s sometime this week.

On Friday we celebrated Craig’s birthday by going out to dinner and then watching a mountain biking movie (one of his gifts)

When I got home I had this package waiting for me…


A little early Christmas gift for myself 🙂 So I read about this on a few blogs and figured it’s worth a shot and signed up. You can cancel at any time so I took the short quiz and did it. I’m sure you know by now it’s… PV.Body I loved my first package and I can’t wait to keep getting these every month. I was so excited when I saw the package on our patio. Yay!

Saturday morning I went on a hike with my friend Tracy. I’ve been feeling a little under the weather for about a week but I wanted to be outside so sucked it up.


The weather was perfect for our hike and it was a new trail for her so I was excited to show her a couple things like a little house on the top and some petroglyphs.

After our hike I finished my Christmas shopping (it was a mad house) picked up a few things for Craig’s birthday party and headed home.


My mom and sister made his cake. Thank You “Sweetin’ Up Your Life”

 Of course it had something to do with Mtn. biking.


Then we all headed to Dave & Busters for dinner and games. Last year we had a party bus, this year we cruised in the Van Dizzle. Gangsta style.


Craig and I are very good at Connect 4. My sister Paula had no idea what was coming to her. haha. When we got home we had some cake and stayed up chatting. It was a fun night.

Sunday morning we went for a 5k run before starting that days festivities. 


I was pinky again (my favorite color) I wore my new pants from PVB and loved them! They didn’t ride down or up. I don’t own any long tight pants for running so I liked that I got stuff I wouldn’t buy myself.

After our run we headed to Craig’s moms house for Cake and Ice Cream and more presents for Craig. Then we went to a Christmas Dinner for even more dessert and good food.

Our weekend flew by but it was such a good weekend. It’s still not over….we get to keep celebrating today and tomorrow.

I wish you all a GREAT Christmas with family & friends. yay Christmas!!!!



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