Good morning!! The last two weeks have been interesting for many reasons. I love the holidays but glad we can get back to regular work schedules and other regular stuff. Added to the craziness of the holidays our water heater went out on Christmas Day. It was awesome coming home from a sweaty run to find out that we only had FREEZING water. haha. Since Christmas Day we had a maintenance guy check it out, bought a new water heater, had them come and install it 3 times before they were actually able to do it. For almost two weeks we were showering at my sisters because I could not bear the cold water….I’m a wimp. Through most of it Craig and I kept our calm until I had to give some attitude to the ridiculous installation peeps. Anyway, it is now fixed and we have hot water again. Awesome 🙂

Today Craig and I are celebrating our 7 year anniversary!! Happy Anniversary cutie!! Craig has been my friend for 9 years but for 7 years he has been my best friend. For 7 years I have felt like the luckiest girl. I really do believe that some people are meant for each other and I believe Craig and I are. He is the funniest, most honest, lovable person I know. I look forward to many more years together.

So here are some quick weekend updates….

Friday night I met my Ragnar team. They are awesome and I was pumped before about running Ragnar but after meeting them and talking about it….I’m even more excited. We talked about our legs, what we might wear, our team name. All fun stuff. It’s cool to have a group as excited about running as I am.

I also received my Runner’s World Calendar and Beastmode socks!


I’m planning on wearing the socks for an upcoming race.

On Saturday morning Craig and I ran 7.2 miles. It was cold and windy so I decided to wear my running jacket, by the 2nd mile I was ready to take it off. I don’t love wearing layers and sometimes I forget that before a run.


So I sported the old sweater around the waist look.

That afternoon I hung out with some friends and watched Grease. One of my friends had never watched Grease before…I could not let that go on for too long. It was hard not to sing or say the words of the movie while we watched it. Such a good movie.

That evening we went to our friends birthday party and stayed there a little too late considering we had a race the next morning.

On Sunday we headed over to run the Graffiti 5k. We decided to start our anniversary celebration a day early with a RUNiversary. Yes we are nerds. Well mainly me but Craig went along with it. haha.


The race was supposed to start at 9 am but we didn’t actually start until 9:30 am.

We wore white shirt but then decided to just put the shirts they gave us over the ones we had on since that will probably be the only time we wear it.

Here’s our before and after close up shots….





7 years anniversary graffiti kiss

After crossing the finish line they told everyone to gather around because we were going to throw our color packets (we each got a packet of color with registration) in the air at the same time.


I had my camera ready and got a pretty good picture….


It got really dark from all the colors mixing. It was SO cool and I loved it!!!




Before and After….


The race part of it wasn’t very well-organized but we still had a lot of fun. The color part of it throughout the course was cool and the color after party was way cool. I’ve been wanting to do a color run for a long time and glad we finally did it.

Our weekend was awesome and I’m looking forward to continuing our anniversary celebration today.



5 comments on “Runiversary

  1. Suzanne says:

    Hooray for hot water again! Happy Anniversary to you guys. A race is a great way to celebrate being together.

  2. MissJennica says:

    Congratulations! You two are so cute! And where did you get those beastmode socks?! I love them!

  3. adorable!!! I love the color run photos and congrats to you, I know finding the right person absolutely makes life more amazing 🙂

  4. courtney says:

    how fun!! happy anniversary!

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