This Week’s Happenings

Happy Fun Friday!


So here are some things that I did, happened and started this week.


Tina’s Best Body Bootcamp started this week. I did HBBC and loved it so decided to join another online group. This is my first time doing one of her bootcamps and I must say it’s pretty awesome. She sent us workouts to do, nutrition info and there’s a facebook page also for support. I’ll be posting my weekly workouts on Sundays.

Yesterday on my way home I snapped some pictures of the P.F.Changs Marathon signs. I work in Tempe so get to see them everyday. It get’s me super pumped. I also get to see them setting everything up a couple of days before.


Some fitness related purchases I made this week….


I’ve seen this before and finally bought it at Target on Tuesday. I like to write everything down. I have a billion little notes I write to myself daily about things I want to research, things I need to do and this book is just another tool to keep me organized.

And last night I ordered this bad boy…



I’ve been wanting this for about 13 weeks. I know it’s been 13 weeks because I discovered it when I started my 12 week plan which ended a week ago (not really I’m still doing it) I wanted it then but couldn’t get myself to spend that much on a lunch bag. I have a big one already that I use but with as much food as I pack I really NEEDED this 😉 Then last night I was on Instagram and one of the girls I follow posted a couple of pictures of hers and I knew I had to have it. It’s so pretty and nice. I’m so easily sold on stuff like this. So I did a little poll, I texted my close friends and asked them to say DO IT or DON’T DO IT. Whichever had more picks than that was it, I mean I left it to fate. haha. So I ordered it last night. I’m taking it as a treat to myself for completing the 12 week program which I’ll talk about later in another post. Like I said before though, I still plan on continuing and keeping this BEAST MODE thing going.

Annnnnd this morning I registered Craig and I for Pat’s Run. I’ve done this race once before and loved it. It was packed and nothing where I would try to set a goal time but it was still fun. Plus, it’s for a great foundation. You can read more about Pat’s Run here.


Also in the T.V. world we have finally gotten into a couple shows everyone has been raving about. WE finally got Netflix about 2-3 weeks ago and started watching The Walking Dead.


I LOVE this show. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch it. We don’t have cable so every time someone would talk about the show I was secretly jealous because I love zombie stuff. We finished Season 2 and we are now waiting to get the 3rd season on Netflix to watch that. I can’t wait!!

Since we are all done with The Walking Dead for now we decided to start Breaking Bad.


We’ve only watched 2 episodes and so far this is good. I still haven’t gotten to The Walking Dead point, I wanted to watch episode after episode. This one…I’m good with one. I’ve heard great things about it though and it is good so we will continue to watch it.

So that’s this week’s happenings other than working out and work. Oh and I tried my first Kosama class on Wednesday with my friend. I thought it was going to be all core workouts but it ended up being a plyometrics class and it was tough. It was a great workout. In a couple of weeks we plan on trying our first Barre class. 🙂

Question: Any new purchases you’ve made lately?



3 comments on “This Week’s Happenings

  1. courtney says:

    ooooh that six pack bag is AMAZING!! i really want it too, but my set up right now works okay so i hate to spend money on it (aka i’d rather buy clothes!). wow i can’t believe your plan is over already, seems like it went by so quickly!

  2. Now that IS a cool lunch bag! And I gotta say that seeing signs for races always get me pumped too. How cool to see them so regularly.

  3. Suzanne says:

    I’ve heard so many good things about that lunch bag. Enjoy it!

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