Coldest Run Ever!

 Good morning!! I’m glad it’s finally Thursday, feels like this week is dragging a bit.

The weather here in AZ is back to normal. For a few days there I thought about taking a few days off from work and just staying at home in bed. It’s no secret that I’m not a huge fan of Winter, even though I do run a lot better. I just feel so old during Winter. My body hurts and all I want to do is stay snuggled up with a few good movies. Too bad that’s not an option. No excuses right?!

So Saturday morning Craig and I headed on our long run at 27*. Yes, I know that it’s not even cold to some of you but I live in ARIZONA!! We aren’t used to this type of horrible face freezing, watch out for the ice on the ground, can’t wear shorts on this run, have to wear gloves and a head band weather. Anyway, enough of my complaining. Our plan was to run to the gym which is a little more than 2 miles then hop on the treadmill for a 5k then run back. We put on what we had to keep ourselves warm but also not too covered up and headed outside….


I’m not even going to lie, I almost bailed. But I knew this run was important and I don’t like making excuses so we went on our way. At first it was like OMG my face, I can’t feel it then it was like….ohhhh okay I got this.


We got to the gym and hopped on the treadmill, took off some of the clothes and started. It felt weird to go from running outside in the cold to running inside in the super warmth. My legs felt weird too and I never got in my groove. Once we got done we headed outside again to run back. I immediately felt better. So I guess I hate Winter running but I hate the treadmill more?! Or maybe the whole switching from one to the other… Anyway, run done, not the best ever but done.

The next morning we went on a little nature walk and drive. It was actually colder the next morning so I’m glad we didn’t wait to run on Sunday instead.


It was a nice morning followed with some bumming around at home, getting stuff done and watching football. Love Sundays!

So that brings us to this week. Race week. We are running P.F.Changs on Sunday and on my way to work on Monday I saw that they had the banner up.


Yesterday I saw that they already have the tents and porta potties out. Yay!! On Saturday we are going to the expo which I’m excited about because I love expo’s. After the race on Sunday we will probably go out to lunch with my family then home for some football.

On Tuesday I realized that it was exactly a year that I had run my first full marathon and I got super happy about it and watched my video. So if you want to see it too here it is….

And some purchases I got or made this week….

They had a deal for a first time Nature’s Box of $5 so I ordered it. It came with about 5-6 bags of goodies. Craig and I really liked the trail mix and mixed nuts pack. I gave my niece the dried fruit pack since she likes that stuff.


Ragnar purchases….


To wear after the race 🙂

Skinnyrunner gave me a coupon code for the shorts. I love compression socks so I’m pretty excited about these sexy looking compression shorts.
I’ve heard great things about this and I think they’ll really come in handy when I’m running my legs.
Question: If you’ve run a relay race, anything you recommend we get? Any tips?
That’s all I got today. Hope you have a great day!!

4 comments on “Coldest Run Ever!

  1. Meg says:

    I took my runs inside this weekend, you’re brave! I saw some bloggers talking about running in the teens and negative temps, but I’m with you, 20s (even 30s and 40s) is too cold! All I kept thinking was, “I’m so glad Ragnar’s not this weekend!” Hopefully it will be warmer for us! I’m getting my list together too!

  2. MissJennica says:

    I used to run in Utah and I kid you not, the water would freeze in my hydration belt while I was running. It’s tough, but it makes you feel super hardcore!

    Those wipes will come in REALLY handy! I have run two relays and I love it! You will be awesome. My advice is to have a couple of fresh things around, or even just toss a V8 in your bag. When you are eating out of the van, it can be easy to just eat carbs the whole time and that never sits well with me. Just a thought.

    Some people recommend that you bring two pairs of shoes, so you can rotate. I guess that is about personal preference and avaiable space. 🙂 Also, dance music for the car during early moring legs is also pretty good to get everyone going.

    I am so excited for you!

    PS Good luck with the P.F. Changs!

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