P.F. Changs Half Marathon Recap

Hi Peeps. It’s been awhile so that means I have a few recaps coming up. This Sunday starts my race madness…

IMS Half Marathon 02/17/2013 (fun easy long run before Ragnar)

Ragnar del Sol 02/22/2013-02/23/2013

PHX Half Marathon 03/02/2013 (hoping to PR)

Race To Fight Children’s Cancer 5k 03/09/2013 (my friend’s 1st 5k. So Excited!)

So before that craziness starts I want to update you on what I’ve done the last few weeks. Let’s start out with the P.F.Changs Half Marathon which was 01/20/2013. On Saturday morning we headed over to the expo. We like to get there as early as possible because RNR expo’s get packed.


We had to keep our full marathon bibs even though we did the half.


I liked the shirts this year, I think this is my first long sleeve race shirt. It’s cute and comfy.


Since I was running this race with Craig he gets to choose our colors for our outfits then I try to make mine more girly. So we went with Green and Black. I bought a black sparkle skirt and some BEASTMODE socks for my outfit.


The morning of the race was a little hectic for us because I thought we would have a lot of time before the race but we ended up making it to the corral just a few minutes before crossing the starting line. My stomach was hurting really bad so I had to use the porta potty and the lines were super long. By the time we got to our corral we missed meeting my friend who was also running the race with us. I knew I would see her along the way though.




The race started down Mill Avenue which is super close to my job and we were able to park in my garage which was nice not having to worry about. I liked the course this year. It was new to me since they just changed it last year. 



It was a bit cold before we started but the weather ended up being perfect for the race. Arizona in January is the place to be 🙂


For this race my goal was to get Craig a PR. We kept a really good pace and were on track to get that PR for him and I was excited.


I was a bit bummed about not running with my friend but then she came behind me and surprised me. We hugged and kept running. We were both happy we found each other, this was around the 5th mile I think.




I loved all the signs this year that P.F.Changs had set out throughout the course.


At this point we started hitting some hills around Papago Park. We still kept up the pace though.


At the 9th mile my left knee started giving me some issues. I stopped to stretch it out a bit and kept going. By the 11th mile it was bothering me A LOT. I think it was the hills, since I hadn’t really trained with any hills but who knows. I hadn’t had any injuries for a year or so which was weird that it happened at this race. At this point Craig’s calf’s started to stiffen up. We slowed down our pace at this time.


We ended up finishing at 2:36…3 minutes away from his PR. This just means we got more races to run 😉


I don’t know if it was because this race was at home or what but I was comfortable for the most part in this race. It was one of those races when you’re happy to be a runner and don’t imagine ever stopping.

Here is a video that Craig made for us…..

 And my knee has still be bothering me a bit off and on. I took a week off of running after the race to ice, stretch and cross train. It didn’t bother me on my last long run so I’m hoping I’m okay now. Like I said before, I have a few races coming up and I don’t have time for this injury. After my 03/02 PHX Half Marathon I plan on taking some time off from long distance races. I’ll probably just stick to 5k and 10k’s for a few months then go from there.

Oh and the race streak continues. I’m currently at 17 months of running a race every month. yay!!



4 comments on “P.F. Changs Half Marathon Recap

  1. courtney says:

    so jealous of all your upcoming races! great job this weekend and can’t wait to read about the rest!

  2. Suzanne says:

    Nice job with the half! You are right-this does mean you’ll have to run more races together to get him a new PR!

    Good luck with all your upcoming races!

  3. I just texted you this, too, but we are right in front of you in the video at 2:02!!! I am in the pink top, black skirt and neon yellow compression sleeves! That video is adorable!! I wish I knew how to do those…

    • betybliss says:

      Oh that’s so cool. I’m going to check it out. I bet we have been around eachother at other races too since we do a lot of the same ones.

      I don’t know how to make them either. haha. My bf makes them for me. 🙂

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