The rainy Color Run


 Happy Friday!! So a couple of weeks ago I ran what has been one of the best races I’ve run. This was The Color Run. I had been wanting to run this race FOREVER. A week before my birthday I decided to run it as my birthday race since it was the very next day. This was before I realized that it would be raining for 4 days straight in AZ. I’m talking some good rain too, not just some sprinkles. Anyway the morning of the race I got up and changed and I kept looking outside trying to decide if I should bail. My friend Dani was supposed to run it with me but had some issues with traffic and didn’t make it. I decided I wasn’t going to skip out on my birthday run even though I was already feeling a little sick.

So off we went into the dark, rainy and super wet morning.



By the time we made it to the starting line both of our feet were soaked. With every step I could feel the water coming out of my shoes. haha.


I decided to wear my Hot Chocolate 15k jacket because I wanted to protect myself a little bit at least.


I loved my socks, I bought them at packet pick up.


They had different starting times for the race. I signed up for the earliest one which was at 7:30 am. I’m more of an early riser so the earlier the better.



I didn’t take my camera with me. I didn’t want it to slip with my wet hands. But I felt so great during the race. I dont’ know what my pace was or my time because I didn’t wear my Garmin but I had so much fun. I’m sure it would have been more awesome running it with someone but the rain and wetness just made it better. I had never ran in the rain like that before. I’ve run with some sprinkles but feeling the rain hitting your face was kind of cool. There were times I could barely see because it was falling hard and I was soaked but I really think that’s what made the race even cooler.


Oh and I ended up taking my jacket off before the 1st color. I thought to myself…I came here to get colored and I’m not going to get colored with this jacket. So I took it off.







I had a blast and would definitely run this race again. My bugsie was there as always supporting me even though it was freezing and wet outside. 🙂

Oh and that was on a Saturday. That Sunday evening I started to feel really sick. I spent the following week sick with the flu and an ear infection. Maybe not my smartest idea to run the race…who knows but I still had a lot of fun.

Question: Have you ever ran a race in the rain?



One comment on “The rainy Color Run

  1. courtney says:

    i’m so jealous, this race looks so fun! and i love your socks!

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