Ragnar Del Sol 2013 Part 2


Okay so before I started my leg I was a little nervous but super excited to start already. I was feeling antsy. Then it was go time….


My first leg info. was…

7.8 miles | Very Hard- Partial No Van Support

I think it was about noonish when I started. I felt pretty good when I started this leg. Then the “no van support” dirt area started and I found myself wishing I had taken some water with me. The sun was beating down on me and I just wanted to finish. There were always other runners around with me and I liked that. It was well-marked and easy to find my way. I saw the exchange ahead and got excited again. Once I finished, I felt a lot better and not as nervous. It felt good to know what to expect and to know my longest leg was over with.


Stacey was the 8th runner. I loved handing the snap bracelet to her, she always had a smile and was ready to start her leg.


This was where the longest leg finished.


Lara was the next runner.


Karla ran the 13.8 mile leg. She got a medal since it’s the longest leg that Ragnar has had. She did awesome.




Chris was the 11th runner I believe and then Jenn the 12th runner. Her leg started at 7pmish and that meant we all had to wear our vests.


Here we are waiting for Chris so that Jenn can start her leg.


Here’s the whole team, except all you can see is our vests 🙂 It was fun to see the whole team when we could. Once we got done with out first round our van headed to Paradise Bakery for dinner where I had one of the best sandwiches EVER.

In between legs we cheered each other on, drove to the next exchange, tagged other vans (more on that later) ate some snacks and tried to get some rest but with everything going on you never really get to rest. With all the energy and excitement you don’t really start to feel tired until later (more on that later) 😉



One comment on “Ragnar Del Sol 2013 Part 2

  1. Suzanne says:

    A leg over 13 miles? I’d say she definitely earned that medal!

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