Ragnar Del Sol Part 3

After what I remember being the only meal we had the whole weekend (other than snacks) we headed to Anthem where we would have a few hours before our next round started. This was a big exchange with a lot of cool things available. They had a gym to sleep in, so a lot of people were in their sleeping bags inside. They were also offering massages and showers for like $2. I decided to stay in the van and try to sleep there. I ended up falling asleep for like an hour I think. I was excited because I knew that I would be seeing Craig soon so I wasn’t to sleep too long.

Craig had to work Friday and Saturday which means he could only see me at my night run. It was at 1ish AM. I told him he didn’t have to come (such a girl) but he said he wanted to so that meant a lot to me. Especially since Anthem isn’t super close to our house. It meant a lot that after a long day at work he was still driving all the way to support me then have to go to work the next morning. He’s a sweetheart 🙂

At about midnight I got the text that he was there and I was SO happy. We haven’t spent that much time away from each other in a long time. I showed him the gym then we walked around and looked at all the funny vans. He said he was expecting to see about 20 vans but he was surprised at how many there really were. I told him all about the adventure so far and he said it seemed like I was having a lot of fun. Then it was go time…


My 2nd run was the one I was nervous from the get go, even before actually registering I was so scared to have a night run but this ended up being my favorite run.

2.7 miles | Easy

It was easy. It was dark and I heard some noises in some bushes but then just told myself to look forward and just keep going. I ended up finishing in 25 mins. which was earlier than expected by 2 mins 🙂 It was cold and it hurt with every deep breath I took but I loved it. Running at night is awesome! I won’t be scared of my night run next year…

Then it was Stacey’s turn…



We all pretty much loved our night legs I think.

In between our legs we ate some snacks, supported the other runner and of course used the stick. I was started to feel sore at this point.



Jennifer was our last runner of the morning. I think we finished around 5ish AM. Then it was Nicole’s turn to start their last round.


After we left them we headed to one our teammate’s house. Since we finished in Cave Creek where she lived she offered her house for us to shower and take a little nap. They were so great to us, had cots ready and everything. We all took a shower then rested for a few hours. That cot was so comfortable and that shower was the best. It really helped us feel refreshed for our last round.

Here I am at Fountain Hills where I was TERRIFIED for my last leg. I never even paid any attention to this leg until that Thursday night when I saw the hills. OMG. This whole time I had been worried about my night leg when I should have been training for these hills.


But you gotta do what you gotta do so I did.


3.5 miles | Easy

It was NOT easy, they should at least make that a hard. haha.

I started off by running but the hills were too intense for my sore legs. I came up with a plan…run as much as I can up the hill then walk the rest of the hill then RUN my ass off downhill.


My plan worked. I finished 6 mins. before I was expected to.


I was so happy to finish my last leg. I felt so proud that I had accomplished it. We were pretty much done and the excitement was too much.


I thought I had more pictures of the last day but I didn’t 😦


At the end we all had our shirts on. We waited for Jennifer (Runner 12) close to the finish then we all started running with her so we could all cross the finish line at the same time.


“Run To The Desert?! We Thought They Said Dessert!”

I loved running Ragnar!!



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