My not so Neon Weekend

Happy hump Day!!

So instead of trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed blogging about,  here are the main points from the last 3 weeks. I ran a half marathon and my knee still hurt but the medal was cool. Craig and I went to Nevada on a hiking trip, actually I will post about that, it was fun 🙂 and I think that’s it.

Over the weekend here is what I did….

I heard about this expo and was pumped about it so I went with my sister.



It was cool but I was expecting more. Maybe I’m used to the race expo’s and now I’m an expo snob…who knows. I did take a picture with Jillian though….


I also prepared for the Neon Race….


I think they looked better in person 😉

Then we picked up our packets. This was probably the most unorganized packet pick-up I’ve been to. The line was super long but we made our way there.


The race was on Saturday night and we got there SUPER early because I’m crazy and always try to get to races early. But this time we were there about an hour and a half early. My sisters were not too happy about it. haha. But we made the best of it and had fun singing, dancing and looking at outfits while we waited.

The start was fun because they had a D.J. and we danced a little until it was time to start. The starting line was so packed but we made our way to the starting line.



We tried to wear as much neon possible. Craig wore red shorts…that’s as neon as he will go. lol.


My crew ready to start.


My friend Diana from Canada was here and we got to hangout for a bit. She ran with her friends. I was so happy to see her.




And here’s some of the dancing I told you about.


We’ve ran a Neon race before which was totally different and we liked that one a lot more. This one was still fun but was missing a few things the other race had.


The neon they sprayed on us didn’t really glow and we barely had any on us at the end, there weren’t any black lights except the one pictured above and I’m not sure it was really a black light.

I always have fun with my sisters and Craig so of course we still enjoyed ourselves but a lot of people were upset with this race. They even had a story about it on Fox 10.

That was our Neon weekend. I wish there had been more Neon though 🙂 In a couple of weeks we’ll be running The Rave Run and I’m pretty excited about that one. It looks pretty cool.

Question: Have you ever been disappointed with the organization of a race?



2 comments on “My not so Neon Weekend

  1. Suzanne says:

    That looks like a fun race. I hate that it wasn’t more organized. There are several races I’ve done that the lack of organization ruined the entire race experience for me.

  2. courtneymelson says:

    LOVE your nails!!

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