I might have a problem….

Hi Peeps!!

So I never told you how Jillian went…


Our seats were super close, it wasn’t a huge place so it was more personal. I really really liked it. She talked about exercise and eating healthy of course but she also spoke about LIVING YOUR LIFE. She really got the point across. Basically enjoy every minute and make the most of it. It’s stuff you hear on her podcasts but it was cool to see her and listen to her live.

The day before I went to her show she posted on her facebook her before and after pictures and asked for us to show ours so here is mine….


I had better before pictures but they were too close up for instagram and it seems like I do everything through instagram now a days.

Last week a lot happened in the world. I was devastated at what happened in Boston and I was so moved by the running community. It felt good to be part of such a great group of people.

On Tuesday I went out and Ran for Boston. I wore my AZRNR race shirt and so many others were wearing race shirts too. I always say hi, wave or do a little head nod when I pass by runners but it meant so much more that day and I think they thought so too.


On Saturday Craig and I ran Pat’s Run. This was Craig’s first year running it. I’ve ran it once before and loved it. It’s a huge event and it can get a little crowded but it’s well-organized and for a great cause.


I think there were about 35,000 runners and walkers. I saw so many Boston gear and flags. It was awesome!



The finish line is inside the ASU Stadium and the ASU Football players were on the right cheering everyone on.

After Craig and I ran the 4.2 mile run I ran 2 more miles to make it my long run for the weekend. It was hard to just start running again after I finished a race but I knew I had to do it. I ran to where my sister was parked to meet up with them since I was running the Kids Run with my baby girl Jasmine.


She was so nervous before the start. It was so cute and I just wanted to make her feel safe. One of the biggest reasons she was nervous in her words was “because there was a lot of people, more than other runs she’s done” She was also nervous because her mom was meeting us at the finish line and she didn’t want her to leave us. haha. As soon as we crossed the starting line her nerves went away. She was running fast and I was trying to keep up with her. She started high fiving the people on the sides cheering us on and she was so happy once we crossed the finish line because she finished and because she got to see her mom 🙂

That day I was going to babysit on or in Jasmine’s words “kid sit” so I tried to think of something fun we could do that she would really enjoy and then I remembered about As You Wish. She is very crafty and was super excited when she knew what we would be doing.


We both painted mugs. It was a cool experience and she wants to go back so I’m sure we will.

Then I treated my dates to dinner…


They are a crazy crew. After dinner Jasmine and I did make up, hair and a fashion show for Craig. lol. Good times.

On Sunday Morning we dropped off Jasmine and went on a hike. We thought about taking her but she has little legs. haha.


This hike was a lot of fun. We had an idea where we wanted to go but didn’t have a trail picked out so we just explored and found a cool one. Craig now has a goal of hiking all the trails on South Mountain in Phoenix. We better get hiking 😉

For lunch we went to Zoe’s Kitchen, one of my favorites.



Then we went to Lululemon…again. I seriously might have a problem.


There stuff is so cute and comfortable but pricey for me. I might have to set some money aside every month for Lulu gear 🙂

Question: Anything you treat yourself to that you know is a little pricey?



4 comments on “I might have a problem….

  1. Darlene says:

    Love you photo collages. And yes, running shoes! Starbucks Frapuccinos.

  2. Darlene says:

    I wish (or maybe I am Lucky to not) had Lulemon nearby. I hear their clothers are so comfortable.

  3. courtney says:

    i go through spells with lulu. love some of their stuff but does it really have to cost so much!? your before after pic is AMAZING girl!

    • betybliss says:

      It should totally be more affordable. It’s too cute to say no though. I’m only going to the store when I know for sure I can buy something. haha

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