OC Half Marathon Recap

So about a month ago I ran the OC Half Marathon and LOVED IT! I didn’t PR or anything but it’s definitely high on the best races I’ve ran.


This is what I wore…my first Lulu outfit 🙂 It was so comfortable, this might have been the most comfortable outfit I’ve ever ran in. I’m obsessed with their clothes, I want to buy so many more tops, skirts and shorts.

The race started at 6:15 am for the half marathon and 5:30 am for the full. They had shuttle busses for runners but I had Craig drop me off close to the starting line. The race started in Newport Beach and we stayed in Huntington Beach so it wasn’t too far.


It was a bit cold when I got to the starting line and I considered wearing my sweater but I didn’t know when I would see Craig out on the course and I didn’t want to risk my Nike running jacket 😉


I’m glad I didn’t wear it because after a couple of miles I was sweating. Running near the beach makes you sweat like no other.


I loved this course, I thought I had taken more pictures showing the ocean since we ran by it but they came out a little blurry.



This has been my favorite course for sure. It made me want to run more beach races. I’m even considering the Long Beach Half in October.


The first 2-3 miles of the course are pretty much downhill then you get into to some rolling hills. Since I’ve been having knee issues I walked part of the uphills, thank god I didn’t have any pain on race day. 🙂




I felt good throughout the whole race. It went by fast and I was never like…when is this going to be over?!!….I think because I was enjoying the course so much.


I saw Craig about 3 times throughout the course and that just makes me so happy.





It’s awesome to see your peeps supporting you, gives you that extra strength to push yourself.



Another favorite thing of mine of running races is seeing the signs.


The race finishes in Costa Mesa at the Fairgrounds.  




At about the 11th mile there was a lady passing out Red Vines and those are pretty much my fave so of course I had one 😉


Craig parked a little far from the whole finish area so we didn’t have too big of an issue getting out like I heard other people did. I didn’t experience anything I would say was negative from the race. I really loved everything about it.



2 comments on “OC Half Marathon Recap

  1. Jaime says:

    This race is on my wish list! Looks like beautiful running weather. Glad you had a great time. 🙂

  2. courtney says:

    great job, love your outfit as always! looks like a great race!

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