Week/end Recap


I took a couple of months off from drinking Green Monsters and I have no clue why. They are just so amazing, delicious and convenient. These are back in my life and back in a big way. On Saturday I took my breakfast on the road since we headed to Flagstaff for some mountain biking.


Craig has the nicer bike…I’m working on getting a better one 😉




We went riding at the Nordic Center where we went Snow Shoeing in February. The trail started off going up and up and then some more. It was a little hard for me and I’m not even going to lie….I hiked a bike a couple of times, but I pushed myself and I can tell I’m getting a lot better. Going down was fun even though I prefer to go up, going down too fast makes me nervous. Craig loves it and he’s like a little kid when he’s on his bike. I love it.

Then this happened….


We went to Picazzo’s and OMG did we enjoy the food. I didn’t even know they had an organic pazookie!! It’s like my favorite dessert ever. Of course when I saw it on the dessert menu, we had to have one and it was super good.

We got home a little earlier than we though we would so we had some time before we picked up my niece Jasmine for the sleep over.

Her birthday was on Sunday and since my whole family was working on her surprise party I was in charge of keeping her entertained until the party started.


We watched a movie and stayed up late, then in the morning Craig made us chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. Her gifts were 2 Monster High bathing suits & MH flip flops.

Then we took her to watch Epic which I loved.

Then it was party time. She had no clue and I was so excited to get to the party for her to see.





The slide was fun….a lot of fun. We’re thinking of having an adult party now. haha.

And this week I’ve been busy putting my butt to work. I’m trying to get back into a good routine and I think I’m getting there.

On Tuesday I went to Zumba with my sister and there were 2 new trainers. We loved one of them and she is teaching the class next Tuesday so we are for sure going.




We’ve also kept running in the morning and enjoying the beautiful sunrise.

Last night we went to watch Spirit of the Marathon 2 and I loved it.


It’s crazy when I think about how I ran a marathon, like how did I do it?! haha. It was an awesome experience and I can’t wait to do another one.



One comment on “Week/end Recap

  1. Suzanne says:

    Looks like you guys have been having a good time!

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