We’re going streaking!!!!!!!




Hi my peeps! I guess it’s been a while since I last posted 🙂

I decided I needed to write a post since I have reached a pretty big goal I had for myself. I am now on a 2 year streak of running at least one race a month. Since September 2011 I have ran the following….

13- Half Marathon’s

4- 10k and above

18 5k’s

1 Ragnar

which means 36 races!! I am pretty pumped about my numbers and I thought I should celebrate with the Electric Run.


I mean it’s a party and a race…no better way to celebrate right?!

The race was literally next to our house, we walked there and were excited every time we drove by and saw them setting everything up. We even walked over the night before to check it out.

The race started at 7 PM and we got there about 20 minutes early to get a little pre-party action.


Craig just couldn’t contain himself and started dancing at the start line. They kept everyone pumped with music, freebies thrown at the crowd and a lot of lights.


The course was well-lit and easy to follow.


I think these umbrella’s were my favorite part of the course but they had a lot to choose from.


Even the cups were glow in the dark.



After the race we got our party on!!! The music was loud, the crowd was loud and we had a blast.


After the race fun we headed to dinner for some BBQ because I’d been craving some beef brisket. It was delish.

The next morning we went on a bike ride, we had planned on Mtn. biking but decided to hit the pavement instead.


Then I treated myself to a little Lulu for reaching my goal.


I bought some crops, this was my first time trying on their pants and I wanted them all. I’m trying to think of another goal just so I can treat myself to more 😉

So even though I haven’t been updating the ol’ blog, I have been running and staying active. I plan on getting back to blogging regularly, well regular for me anyway.

Hope I still have some readers out there 🙂



One comment on “We’re going streaking!!!!!!!

  1. courtney says:

    i actually googled your page last week because i was afraid somehow i’d lost you in the transition to blog lovin! glad you’re back, congrats on your goal, that’s HUGE!

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