Playing Catch Up

Well helllloooooooooo there šŸ™‚

So I’m still doing everything I love and taking lot’s of pictures. So here’s a quick glimpse at the last couple of months.

Last month I ran a 5k with my old boss. It was her 1st 5k and it was super cool to finally do this with her. We have been talking about doing a race together for years.



That same day I did the ROC race with my sister and her boyfriend. Turtle Power!! I wanted to wear something cool but still comfortableĀ since it was an obstacle race. It was like a fun, weird obstacle race. Not a GRRRR I’m tough type of race. I laughed so much during this run. We all did things that made us look like straight fools. It was fun bouncing around and doing silly things. I want to do this race next year again. Hopefully Craig doesn’t have to work so he can join us.


I’ve also been running half marathons. I ran Sun the Shun the first weekend of November I think. Last year this was a PR race for me. When I signed up for the race, I had hoped it would be another PR but I didn’t train for it so I guess I can’t be too mad that it didn’t happen. I still had a lot of fun though.


On November 17th we ran the Las Vegas Rock N Roll half marathon and had a BLAST! This might be the 1st year that we felt everything went perfect for us during this race. This is our 4th time doing it and RNRĀ finally got it right. I think Vegas in November is way better than in December.







I loved our Arizona runner shirts. They were technical material too. And you know I had to have some sparkle for Vegas šŸ˜‰

This last weekend we ran the Hot Chocolate 15k. We ran this race last year and had a lot of fun so we decided to run it again. This year they gave us Hot Chocolate hoodies which I liked a lot better than the wind breaker jackets we got last year.



And one of the main reasons I love this race…the mug. Eating all the deliciousness that comes inside it after the race is just so fun.


I’ve also been training for my mom’s 1st race!!!! This pumps me up big time!! We are walking/jogging a 6k tomorrow. I can tell she has really liked the extra time we’ve had solo chatting and working out.


I hope she has fun tomorrow!!


On Sunday I’m running the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. This will be more of a long run for me than a time race. Oh!!! I registered for the P. F. ChangsĀ Marathon which is in January! ahhhhhhh. I’m even more nervous than I was for my 1st marathon. What was I thinking?!!!

I’ve of course been spending time with my peeps. Especially now with all the fun Christmas things going on….

wpid-IMG_20131210_211326.jpgĀ Ā 

On Tuesday we went to Zoolights and took my nieces. The little one started off a little grumpy but as soon as she saw the lights she started pointing and wanting to show us all the cool lights. I loved it.


We’ve also been exploring new and old trails. On Thanksgiving we checked out a new trail near us and we really liked it. We’ll be hiking it again for sure.



One morningĀ while Craig rode hisĀ mountain bike IĀ hiked around at Papago Park. ThereĀ isn’t any crazy trails so I ended up trail running.

wpid-IMG_20131110_092804.jpgĀ Ā 

In November some time we headed up to Sedona to hike West Fork Trail. We had seen a few pictures with all the fall colors and knew we had to get out there. We’ve hiked this trail before but never like this. I was in leaf heaven….



It was so pretty and we just loved seeing the leaves fall as we hiked.


This year has been super fun. We went to new places and saw new things. I’m excited to see what next year will bring. šŸ™‚

Question: Anything you’re super excited about for next year?



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