OC Half Marathon Recap

So about a month ago I ran the OC Half Marathon and LOVED IT! I didn’t PR or anything but it’s definitely high on the best races I’ve ran.


This is what I wore…my first Lulu outfit 🙂 It was so comfortable, this might have been the most comfortable outfit I’ve ever ran in. I’m obsessed with their clothes, I want to buy so many more tops, skirts and shorts.

The race started at 6:15 am for the half marathon and 5:30 am for the full. They had shuttle busses for runners but I had Craig drop me off close to the starting line. The race started in Newport Beach and we stayed in Huntington Beach so it wasn’t too far.


It was a bit cold when I got to the starting line and I considered wearing my sweater but I didn’t know when I would see Craig out on the course and I didn’t want to risk my Nike running jacket 😉


I’m glad I didn’t wear it because after a couple of miles I was sweating. Running near the beach makes you sweat like no other.


I loved this course, I thought I had taken more pictures showing the ocean since we ran by it but they came out a little blurry.



This has been my favorite course for sure. It made me want to run more beach races. I’m even considering the Long Beach Half in October.


The first 2-3 miles of the course are pretty much downhill then you get into to some rolling hills. Since I’ve been having knee issues I walked part of the uphills, thank god I didn’t have any pain on race day. 🙂




I felt good throughout the whole race. It went by fast and I was never like…when is this going to be over?!!….I think because I was enjoying the course so much.


I saw Craig about 3 times throughout the course and that just makes me so happy.





It’s awesome to see your peeps supporting you, gives you that extra strength to push yourself.



Another favorite thing of mine of running races is seeing the signs.


The race finishes in Costa Mesa at the Fairgrounds.  




At about the 11th mile there was a lady passing out Red Vines and those are pretty much my fave so of course I had one 😉


Craig parked a little far from the whole finish area so we didn’t have too big of an issue getting out like I heard other people did. I didn’t experience anything I would say was negative from the race. I really loved everything about it.



Run For Boston

 Happy Friday!! Man, does it feel good to say it’s Friday. Only a few more minutes and my weekend will begin 🙂

My week started off with the Run For Boston at Roadrunner in Tempe. I thought this was super cool and wanted to make sure I was a part of it. Runners uniting all over the world to remember something that has affected us all.


It’s starting to get a little warmer here in Arizona but that didn’t stop anyone from showing up. There were a lot of people there.


A few runners from Boston lead us on our 5k run.








At the finish everyone was around giving high fives. It was awesome. I wanted to share these pictures with you. I saw so many on Monday on Instagram, it was cool to see pictures from all different places.

Have a good weekend!!


I might have a problem….

Hi Peeps!!

So I never told you how Jillian went…


Our seats were super close, it wasn’t a huge place so it was more personal. I really really liked it. She talked about exercise and eating healthy of course but she also spoke about LIVING YOUR LIFE. She really got the point across. Basically enjoy every minute and make the most of it. It’s stuff you hear on her podcasts but it was cool to see her and listen to her live.

The day before I went to her show she posted on her facebook her before and after pictures and asked for us to show ours so here is mine….


I had better before pictures but they were too close up for instagram and it seems like I do everything through instagram now a days.

Last week a lot happened in the world. I was devastated at what happened in Boston and I was so moved by the running community. It felt good to be part of such a great group of people.

On Tuesday I went out and Ran for Boston. I wore my AZRNR race shirt and so many others were wearing race shirts too. I always say hi, wave or do a little head nod when I pass by runners but it meant so much more that day and I think they thought so too.


On Saturday Craig and I ran Pat’s Run. This was Craig’s first year running it. I’ve ran it once before and loved it. It’s a huge event and it can get a little crowded but it’s well-organized and for a great cause.


I think there were about 35,000 runners and walkers. I saw so many Boston gear and flags. It was awesome!



The finish line is inside the ASU Stadium and the ASU Football players were on the right cheering everyone on.

After Craig and I ran the 4.2 mile run I ran 2 more miles to make it my long run for the weekend. It was hard to just start running again after I finished a race but I knew I had to do it. I ran to where my sister was parked to meet up with them since I was running the Kids Run with my baby girl Jasmine.


She was so nervous before the start. It was so cute and I just wanted to make her feel safe. One of the biggest reasons she was nervous in her words was “because there was a lot of people, more than other runs she’s done” She was also nervous because her mom was meeting us at the finish line and she didn’t want her to leave us. haha. As soon as we crossed the starting line her nerves went away. She was running fast and I was trying to keep up with her. She started high fiving the people on the sides cheering us on and she was so happy once we crossed the finish line because she finished and because she got to see her mom 🙂

That day I was going to babysit on or in Jasmine’s words “kid sit” so I tried to think of something fun we could do that she would really enjoy and then I remembered about As You Wish. She is very crafty and was super excited when she knew what we would be doing.


We both painted mugs. It was a cool experience and she wants to go back so I’m sure we will.

Then I treated my dates to dinner…


They are a crazy crew. After dinner Jasmine and I did make up, hair and a fashion show for Craig. lol. Good times.

On Sunday Morning we dropped off Jasmine and went on a hike. We thought about taking her but she has little legs. haha.


This hike was a lot of fun. We had an idea where we wanted to go but didn’t have a trail picked out so we just explored and found a cool one. Craig now has a goal of hiking all the trails on South Mountain in Phoenix. We better get hiking 😉

For lunch we went to Zoe’s Kitchen, one of my favorites.



Then we went to Lululemon…again. I seriously might have a problem.


There stuff is so cute and comfortable but pricey for me. I might have to set some money aside every month for Lulu gear 🙂

Question: Anything you treat yourself to that you know is a little pricey?


The Rave Run




We registered for this race a couple of months ago as Team Fools because that is what we are 🙂

This race was well organized, fun, everything that was promised we got and even though I’ve never been to a rave…it felt like one.


Craig and I with our glow on. Craig didn’t wear as many glow accessories as me.


Team Fools ready to rave and run.



My sister Paula (the middle one) always says we need to up our outfits. I always try to come up with ideas but my ideas can get pricey. Finally I came up with something they were happy with and didn’t involve spending any money 🙂 I have a few sparkle skirts and tons of socks so we went with that. We had neon tops we had planned on wearing but when we picked up our packets and saw the cute tops we decided to wear those instead.


They started the race in waves around 8pm.



Throughout the race they had music, fog machines, cool lights and other fun stuff. I loved running through the fog.



Since we walk/run races when we do it as a team we have time to stop and take pictures without worrying about time.






At the end they had a stage with a bunch of cool lights and music. It was way cool and we danced for a bit. We were still pumped after the race and acting like fools.





I loved this race and would totally do it again. I think the price was worth it…we registered early and as a team so it was a bit cheaper. After the race we all went to dinner and had some pizza and more laughs 🙂

I’ve been doing a lot more of these types of 5k’s and I really like trying all the different ones they have now. I’ve done a mud race, color race, neon splash and now a rave run. Next month besides my OC Half Marathon I have a Rock N Glow run which I’m thinking will be similar to this race. I’m excited! I like having my serious, trying to PR or push myself races but also having some races just for fun…no time to worry about.

Question: Have you ran a lot of types of races? Which has been your favorite?


I want Jillian to scream at me

Hi peeps!! This week is sort of flying for me. Yay! 🙂 I’m looking forward to something a little nerdy on Friday…Jurassic Park in 3D. haha.

Other things I’m looking forward to…

So I’m a HUGE Jillian Michael’s fan and when I saw that she was coming to Phoenix I knew I had to go.


Craig treated me my ticket 🙂 I’m going with my friend Dani. I’m pumped to hear what she has to say. I listen to her podcasts so I know I’m going to love the live thing. I wonder if she will sign autographs at the end or sign books?… I want her to scream at me. haha.


I’m also going to see TSwift in May with my sister. This is forever from now so I’m excited but not pumped yet.

AND this morning I registered for this….


I’ve been debating on registering for about a month now but this morning I finally decided that I should since I REALLY want to do it. I need to get my butt on track and get some longer runs in.

And some random fun stuff…

I bought a new ipod with more room for my awesome music. I decided to keep the one I have now strictly for running/working out.


Last thing, we have a new friend. We call him Hummsie.


We actually have a few and we love to watch them. I’m glad we got a hummingbird feeder. 🙂

Anything coming up for you that you’re excited about?


My not so Neon Weekend

Happy hump Day!!

So instead of trying to catch up on everything I’ve missed blogging about,  here are the main points from the last 3 weeks. I ran a half marathon and my knee still hurt but the medal was cool. Craig and I went to Nevada on a hiking trip, actually I will post about that, it was fun 🙂 and I think that’s it.

Over the weekend here is what I did….

I heard about this expo and was pumped about it so I went with my sister.



It was cool but I was expecting more. Maybe I’m used to the race expo’s and now I’m an expo snob…who knows. I did take a picture with Jillian though….


I also prepared for the Neon Race….


I think they looked better in person 😉

Then we picked up our packets. This was probably the most unorganized packet pick-up I’ve been to. The line was super long but we made our way there.


The race was on Saturday night and we got there SUPER early because I’m crazy and always try to get to races early. But this time we were there about an hour and a half early. My sisters were not too happy about it. haha. But we made the best of it and had fun singing, dancing and looking at outfits while we waited.

The start was fun because they had a D.J. and we danced a little until it was time to start. The starting line was so packed but we made our way to the starting line.



We tried to wear as much neon possible. Craig wore red shorts…that’s as neon as he will go. lol.


My crew ready to start.


My friend Diana from Canada was here and we got to hangout for a bit. She ran with her friends. I was so happy to see her.




And here’s some of the dancing I told you about.


We’ve ran a Neon race before which was totally different and we liked that one a lot more. This one was still fun but was missing a few things the other race had.


The neon they sprayed on us didn’t really glow and we barely had any on us at the end, there weren’t any black lights except the one pictured above and I’m not sure it was really a black light.

I always have fun with my sisters and Craig so of course we still enjoyed ourselves but a lot of people were upset with this race. They even had a story about it on Fox 10.

That was our Neon weekend. I wish there had been more Neon though 🙂 In a couple of weeks we’ll be running The Rave Run and I’m pretty excited about that one. It looks pretty cool.

Question: Have you ever been disappointed with the organization of a race?


Ragnar Del Sol Part 3

After what I remember being the only meal we had the whole weekend (other than snacks) we headed to Anthem where we would have a few hours before our next round started. This was a big exchange with a lot of cool things available. They had a gym to sleep in, so a lot of people were in their sleeping bags inside. They were also offering massages and showers for like $2. I decided to stay in the van and try to sleep there. I ended up falling asleep for like an hour I think. I was excited because I knew that I would be seeing Craig soon so I wasn’t to sleep too long.

Craig had to work Friday and Saturday which means he could only see me at my night run. It was at 1ish AM. I told him he didn’t have to come (such a girl) but he said he wanted to so that meant a lot to me. Especially since Anthem isn’t super close to our house. It meant a lot that after a long day at work he was still driving all the way to support me then have to go to work the next morning. He’s a sweetheart 🙂

At about midnight I got the text that he was there and I was SO happy. We haven’t spent that much time away from each other in a long time. I showed him the gym then we walked around and looked at all the funny vans. He said he was expecting to see about 20 vans but he was surprised at how many there really were. I told him all about the adventure so far and he said it seemed like I was having a lot of fun. Then it was go time…


My 2nd run was the one I was nervous from the get go, even before actually registering I was so scared to have a night run but this ended up being my favorite run.

2.7 miles | Easy

It was easy. It was dark and I heard some noises in some bushes but then just told myself to look forward and just keep going. I ended up finishing in 25 mins. which was earlier than expected by 2 mins 🙂 It was cold and it hurt with every deep breath I took but I loved it. Running at night is awesome! I won’t be scared of my night run next year…

Then it was Stacey’s turn…



We all pretty much loved our night legs I think.

In between our legs we ate some snacks, supported the other runner and of course used the stick. I was started to feel sore at this point.



Jennifer was our last runner of the morning. I think we finished around 5ish AM. Then it was Nicole’s turn to start their last round.


After we left them we headed to one our teammate’s house. Since we finished in Cave Creek where she lived she offered her house for us to shower and take a little nap. They were so great to us, had cots ready and everything. We all took a shower then rested for a few hours. That cot was so comfortable and that shower was the best. It really helped us feel refreshed for our last round.

Here I am at Fountain Hills where I was TERRIFIED for my last leg. I never even paid any attention to this leg until that Thursday night when I saw the hills. OMG. This whole time I had been worried about my night leg when I should have been training for these hills.


But you gotta do what you gotta do so I did.


3.5 miles | Easy

It was NOT easy, they should at least make that a hard. haha.

I started off by running but the hills were too intense for my sore legs. I came up with a plan…run as much as I can up the hill then walk the rest of the hill then RUN my ass off downhill.


My plan worked. I finished 6 mins. before I was expected to.


I was so happy to finish my last leg. I felt so proud that I had accomplished it. We were pretty much done and the excitement was too much.


I thought I had more pictures of the last day but I didn’t 😦


At the end we all had our shirts on. We waited for Jennifer (Runner 12) close to the finish then we all started running with her so we could all cross the finish line at the same time.


“Run To The Desert?! We Thought They Said Dessert!”

I loved running Ragnar!!