Race date with my mom


Happy Friday!!

I’m so glad this week is over. Even though it was a busy week, it sort of felt super long. Maybe because I’m so excited for Christmas and Craig’s birthday weekend 🙂

So last weekend I did a 6k race with my mom and she did AWESOME! I’m so proud of her.


It was cool to do this with my mom because I never really thought that we would ever do a race together. She really pushed herself and finished strong. She hugged me when we crossed the finish line and she told me later that it was to hold herself up. lol.


After the race we went and had some pizza 🙂

On Sunday I ran the Fiesta Bowl Half Marathon. To be honest I really did not want to get out of bed. I was so cozy and it was cold out. But I registered for this race as part of my marathon training and I knew I had to get my butt out there.


I saw Craig about 5 times throughout the race and seeing him really pushed me. There was a point after the 10 mile marker that I had planned to take a walk break. I wasn’t going for any specific time or anything but then I saw Craig right after the mile marker and he told me to keep going so I did.


I was really happy with my time. It’s not a PR but I haven’t finished in the 20’s in a year so I was glad. I felt really good the whole race. I wish they were all like that 😉


This is me crossing the finish line. I was happy to see Craig and I also had some runner’s high going on.


This Sunday calls for a 15 miler. I’m a little nervous. The plan is to run 5 with Craig and 3 with my friend then the last 7 on my own. I hope it’s not too cold. Brrrr.

This weekend we will be celebrating Craig’s birthday. Starting with dinner and Cosmic Bowling.

Have a great weekend!


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